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NEW 4.0 mm x 1030 mm Full Spectrum CCFL Backlight for 46″ TV

Original price was: $18.99.Current price is: $12.99.

  • Brightness: 42000cdm2
  • Color Temperature: 7800 Kelvin (X=0.301 and Y=0.295)
  • Life Rating: About 50,000 hours

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LCD Screen Backlight ( CCFL Lamp only):

These are our newest generation of CCFL; they don’t just produce a higher brightness and contrast, but they are also made by precise precision color matches. After the backlight replacement, the image should look brighter and clearer.
Note: Replacing with a poor quality CCFL may cause a greenish, bluish or reddish hue after the backlight lamp replacement.

Our CCFL Lamp advantage:

High Brightness and Contrast.
Longer Lifetime (About 50,000 hours).
Low Power Consumption.
Low Heat Generation.
High Color Rendering (Triband Phosphors Applied).
Precision Color matched.


Both Defective CCFL or Inverter Board will cause the same problem DARK screen, lots of time Aged CCFL(defective) might burn the FUSE and TRANSFORMER on the inverter board. So highly recommend replace both the CCFL and Inverter board.


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