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New CCFL Inverter Board K000018860 for Laptop LCD Screen


Compatible Part Number/s
Ynv-c01 354872-001 354873-001 383668-001 393556-001 438530-001 448332-001 486736-001 6001699L-E DA-1A08-C001A DAC-07B037 E131735 E524G00283 19.ART02.001 K000018860 K000019440 K000027770 K000036240 P710135 PK070005100 PK070005T00 PK070006120 PK070006F00 PK070006F10 PK070006I10 PK070008H00 PK070008J00 PK070008J20 PK070008N00 PK070009K00 PK070012700 PK070013500 PK070014600 PK070014610 PK070015900

Package Includes
1PC 1x Original or Fully Compatible Inverter Board for Laptop CCFL LCD Screen Inverter Board


The common knowledge:? both bad inverter board and CCFL Backlight will cause the same problem DARK screen, And CCFL backlight have age ,bad CCFL will damage the FUSE and TRANSFORMER on the inverter board. Highly recommend replace both the Aged CCFL and defective inverter in the same time.


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