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New CCFL Inverter Board P711150 for Laptop LCD Screen


Compatible Part Number/s
YNV-C03 2994738500 2994808100 19.A29V5.001 403831-001 41R8451 462579-001 480447-001 4NJE101473 6001720E-B 6001720L-B DAC-098026 DAC-09B029 E131735 E198444 E220742 E232940 K000005940 K000009570 K000015940 K000017700 K000018860 K000026560 K000059370 K000061220 K000077350 P711150 PK070005S00 PK070005X00 PK070005Y00 PK070006C00 PK070006V20 PK070015700 PK070016400 PK070017600 PK070018200 PK070018210 PK070018400 PK070018410 PK070018600 PK070005O00 PK070005O10 PWB-IV11150T T18I055.01 UL94V-0 K000043960 PK070006V00 pk070005030 PK070005O10 PK070005O30 K000065940 K000087330 PK070006T20

Package Includes
1PC 1x Original or Fully Compatible Inverter Board for Laptop CCFL LCD Screen Inverter Board


The common knowledge:? both bad inverter board and CCFL Backlight will cause the same problem DARK screen, And CCFL backlight have age ,bad CCFL will damage the FUSE and TRANSFORMER on the inverter board. Highly recommend replace both the Aged CCFL and defective inverter in the same time.


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