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New CCFL Inverter Board YPNL-N022A for Dell Laptop LCD Screen


Compatible Part Number/s
K02I114.01 IV12139/T K02I115.01 k02i108.01 T73I032.00 6632l-0267b YPNL-n022b 6632l-0369A YPNL-n022A 6632l-0265A L8-6015b16009 t16i010.03 t16i010.09 T73I031.001 k08i028.02 k08i029.02 k08i024.02 U40I008T01 T16I010.03 YPNL-N022A K02I115.03 K02I115.01 U40I008T00 U40I008T04 U40I008T05 U40I008T06 U40I008T07 U40I007T04 U40I007T05 U40I007T06 U40I007T07 U40I007T02 IV12139/T-LF IV12139T/B3 K02I114.01 K02I106.01 T16I010.02 250000004600 K08I026.01 K02I108.01 K08I026.00 K08I028.02 K02I114.03 K02I115.05 K02I114.03 K02I115.01 6632L-0369A YPNL-N022B YPNL-N022A 6632l-0265A NIT68006.71 6632l-0366c T16I010.09 YPNL-N021A 6632L-0267A 6632L-0267B 6632L-0267A07131 6632L-0365C E200017433-03 6014B24006 6632L-0265A T73I05.00 6632L-0266B K02I115.03 K08I024.00 K08I024.01 K08I028 LTN154-M8 LTN141W1-M8 LJ97-01019A LJ97-01015A LJ97-00684A LJ97-00678A LJ97-00680A LJ97-01531A 6632L-0266A

Package Includes
1PC 1x Original or Fully Compatible Inverter Board for Laptop CCFL LCD Screen Inverter Board


The common knowledge:? both bad inverter board and CCFL Backlight will cause the same problem DARK screen, And CCFL backlight have age ,bad CCFL will damage the FUSE and TRANSFORMER on the inverter board. Highly recommend replace both the Aged CCFL and defective inverter in the same time.


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